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Prominent Nigerian Investor And CEO Receives Highest Civilian Honor In Cameroon

President Paul BiyaAll times business Mogul and richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, has been rewarded the commander of the National order of valour in Cameroon on 24 June 2021.

Commander of National order of valour is the highest civilian honour in Cameroon.

The honour was given to Dangote on 24 June by the president of the federal republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya in recognition of his numerous works and efforts in the development of the infrastructural sector of the state and various employment opportunities that has been made available to thousands of people in Cameroon and across Africa through his cement plants.

The president during the award ceremony held at the Unity Palace, YaoundÃ, expressed profound appreciation to Dangote, over many achievements made so far in the industrialization of many African countries including Cameroon through his investments and business extensions.

The president also urged Dangote to continually invest in the state, more especially the manufacturing sector of the economy, owning to the fact that there are numerous business opportunities in Cameroon.

He also asserted that, the state and his government are ready and open for a business friendly environment in the country. Owning to the fact that he wants his government to expand the business world of Cameroon by accommodating investors.

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