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What you can do along your POS Business to make more money

Without so much doubt, POS business has taken over Nigeria's business and industrial ecosystem, virtually every nooks and cranny of the nation are littered with a POS mart or centre. POS agents or owners are known to have helped reduce drastically the unending queues at banks, most especially the ones at substandard ATM points by making cash withdrawal easily accessible and less stressful.

The long queue at NEPA's office has also been drastically reduced since the emergence of POS machines and agents. You can easily pay your electricity tariffs or bills and afterwards pay little charges to the POS agent.

In this article, I will like to delve into other lucrative businesses you can add to your POS machine that will help you to make more money and profit with just a little or no capital.


This is another venture you can add to your POS business, you don't need so much technical knowledge about computers or software package to start this business. All you need is a photocopying machine, A4 paper and a good source of power supply.


This is another business idea many POS agents don't know about, only a few online financial institutions understand how lucrative. Things you need include legal backings, documentations, guarantors and capital.


As a POS agent or owner, don't just rest on your laurels, cultivate the habit of saving, save money to start up your own company or business. All you need is to start from somewhere, no amount is too small, successful entrepreneurs postulated that for a business to last forever, it has to start small but should strive not to end small. From your little savings, build your company.

On a final note, being a POS agent does not mean you shouldn't further your education, if you have basic certifications try hard to improve your level of education, go for your online courses because the higher your level of education, the more you become ripe for opportunity in your field of specialisation not excluding entrepreneurs. To get to the peak of your career, education is very important, getting a higher education can open your eyes to how to make more money even as a POS agent.

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