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Why it is a 'death sentence' to sell pounded yam and groundnut in a town in Osun State

Pounded yam is a very special food in Yorubaland. According to Yoruba tradition, pounded yam is associated with the elite. But in Kuta, a farming community in Ayedire Local Government area of Osun State, founded yam is not allow to be sold in the community and it is a taboo to sell fried groundnut in the community.

This tradition start about 300 years ago by the King of Owu kingdom, Anlugba who tried to sell pounded yam and fried groundnut in the community. According to the present king of the town, Oba Hammed Adekunle, the olowu of owu. The issue can be traced to an ancestor of Owu, Anlugbua Akindele who lived for about 300 years when it was time to leave the world, he sunk himself into the ground and his wife also turned to Odo Aya-Oba.

Before his dismissal, he instructed his children to always call upon him when they need help. The children decided to test maybe he will truly appear to them, they called upon him and he responded immediately and started chopping off the head of people around thinking they are the enemies. He immediately, he saw their tribal Mark's, he stopped and he tried to return but he couldn't because yam peel and shells of groundnuts left on the ground stopped the movement of his horse and this made him to forbid the sales of pounded yam and groundnut in the town.

Today, you can eat pounded yam and groundnut in your house but it is not allowed to be sold and this rule is strictly monitored by the traditional council. Those who tried to defy the rule paid for the consequences via mysterious death.

The place where Anlugbua sunk himself to the ground has turned to tourist centre and he is being worshipped every year.

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