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Current Prices Of Goods And Foods In Nigeria.

Over the years, Nigeria has witnessed recession. The Standard of Living in Nigeria has been very high. Traders and consumers complain about the cost of goods and services in the country.

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Following the outbreak of the corona virus Pandemic that ravaged globally, the standard of living has worsened. Prices of goods have increased. Some goods and services have doubled in price while some have tripled in price.

People are now doing more of businesses than get a job. Some are working and still have side business they do to get extra money. This happened when the pandemic struck and a lot of people were dismissed from work. Jobs were difficult to get and life was hard.

During ember months (September, October and December) Prices of goods are always higher. Every commodity in the market has increased in price.

The following are some of the goods that have added price.

1. Noodles: Before now noodles were not that expensive in the market. It was formerly sold for N50, now it is sold for N80.

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2. Garri: Garri is a food consumed by Nigerians. It is produced in Nigeria. Most Nigerians cannot go a day without eating garri with their preferred soup. Before now, garri was sold N20 per cup, but now it is 3 cups for N200. A basin of Garri was once sold for N1500, a basin of garri now is N6000.

3. Exercise book: exercise books are materials used for writing. 2A exercise book was N20, but now, it is sold for N50. 40 Leaves was N40, now it is N100, 60 Leaves was N60, now it is N120 and 80Leaves that was N80 is now N150.

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4. Biscuits: biscuits are snacks consumed by most people in Nigeria. It is given to school children to take to school. Biscuits was once sold for as long as N5, but now the price of biscuits begins at N20 upward.

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5. Jumbo Bread: before recession, the jumbo bread was sold for N300, during the Pandemic it increased to N500. Now it is sold for N700.

6. Tuber of Yam: Yams are edible foods. Yams are tubers that are consumed across Nigeria. Yam was very cheap before. Now a tuber of yam is sold for N1500 or more.

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7. Palm Oil: Palm Oil is used for different purposes. Mainly it is used for cooking. It gives Tue food taste. Palm oil is becoming so expensive as the day goes by. 1.5 Litres of Palm oil is now sold for N1700. The same was once sold for N200 only.

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8.bouillon cubes is now one for N10.

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9. Sachet of milk is now N60

10. 3kg of gas is now N3000.

These are just few items that have increased in recent times. Everyone should sit up. If you have space, engage in agriculture. Have extra side business to get extra income. This is just a phase, it will have an end. 

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