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Checkout These Famous World Billionaires Who Don't Believe In God

Every one wants to be rich, every one wants to be a billionaire, driving the best cars, living in luxurious houses, being respected around the world, and being recognized globally. Some people even make some of these billionaires, especially the celebrities, their role models. But no one actually knows what these billionaires do behind the cameras, or how they really are in secret. That's the reason one ought to know some vital information about a celebrity, before picking such a person as a role model.

Here are 3 world billionaires, that I'm sure will surprise you to discover that despite all their wealth, they don't believe in God.

1 Professor Woke Soyinka:

This man is well known by Nigerians. He's also internationally recognized due to his many impacts in the literary world. He has written several books. He also has a house in Nigeria full of artifacts.This man is recognized by even the president of Nigeria, and several important personalities overseas. But the strange thing is that despite his Christian background, he doesn't believe in God. He is an atheist. Even Wikepedia, attested to this fact. Reports also have it that he has never for once mentioned God in any of his books.

2 Morgan Freeman

If you are a person who watches foreign movies often, you will certainly know this man.He is a very good actor, but that is just one of his many professional discipline. He is also a motivational speaker.One thing about him though, is that he doesn't believe in God, at least not the way other people do. He believes that humans created the ideology that there is a God, and so anybody can be a God.Infact he even calls himself God. These images are just a few of the many times he has made this statement.

3 Angelina Jolie

The beautiful actress admired by many worldwide, is actually an atheist.Angelina jolie is famous for starring in blockbuster movies like wanted, tomb raider, spy kids, etc.She is actually a billionaire, but has no faith in God.

So there you have it. Here are just 3 billionaires who don't believe in God, or admit that he even exists. We don't know if it's the wealth and affluence that brought about this conviction of theirs, or whether it's something else.But one thing is certain, that if you are a christian, then you should definitely choose a role model who believes in God the way you do. If not, you are only ridiculing yourself.

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