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How to survive in life with little or no money

When you find yourself anywhere in life in terms of struggle, don't panic, be courageous and follow these simple steps, it really works. It even works for bandits who really want to change for a better living

Three things to consider on the go:

Shelter, Clothing and little Money

1. God first, ask Him to direct you in his ways,give you the grace, guardians and protection, for anything in life without God is a failure

2. Look for somewhere like public Park to be passing nights, in some places like Lagos,Onitsha they use to collect N100 per night and offer you a sleeping mat, when day break you'll pay N50 for bathroom and toilet(if you care)

3.Engage yourself in something since you have expenses to do, find anything possible to do as source of income, you can start as little as it may be, buy one bag of purewater at the rate of N100 of which you'll make N100 profit per bag. Note:don't spy your little beginning

4. Always be good and loyal to people because you don't know where your helper will come from, always know that whatever you do, eyes are on you so mind what you do and stay focus.

5. Make genuine friends, people that will help you get a job

From getting a job wheather company work or whatever you can now start a new living.

Always remember where you come from.

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