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Young Man Opens Piggy Bank To Find This

If you ask the people born in the 1900s how they practiced the habit of saving, I am sure most of them will be familiar with the concept of Piggy Bank. Piggy banks were the real savings accounts where everyone kept money they wanted to save till a later date, probably to get that beautiful dress or that lovely shoe. However, with the introduction of Stationary Banks which were even more secure than the Piggy Banks, people started changing their savings habits with the times. Surprisingly, this young man still practises saving with piggybank.

Saving takes a lot of discipline and not many people are able to save for long periods. Apart from lack of discipline, so many other things make savings difficult. Some of those things could be debts, emergencies, feeding and so on. Apparently this young man has been saving a long time for him to find this in his piggybank.

Did you ever have a piggybank? How much were you able to save in yours? Leave a comment below

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