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I'm Not Fulani, I'm An Igbo Lady & A Graduate, I Rear Cows For A Living & I'm Not Ashamed - Lady

Entrepreneurship is one of the best thing to involve yourself when there's no work for you after graduating from university. Some people who have graduated from university have got it very difficult to find a job to do. It is not easy to get a job in Nigeria, and everyone must not get a white collar job. That's why some people venture into different types of businesses to make good endsmeet for themselves.

There are many people who have stayed at home after graduating because of lack of enough job in the country. So an Igbo lady known as Ekene has shared her story of how she became a successful herder. She rears cows for a living, and she's made a lot of money from the business.

According to the lady, she said that she is a graduate, but after she graduated from school, she couldn't find a work to do for herself. Then she thought of a good business to do. After a lot of thoughts, she decided to start rearing cows as a business. She started the business, but her family and friends were not happy with the type of business she decided to do. Some of her family members asked her whether she's seen a lady rearing cows before, why will she decide to rear cows?.

They told her that there are many other businesses she can do apart from rearing cows, why will she choose to rear cow instead? She told 'em that she can handle it. Then she started the business. She started posting photos of her rearing cows in social media. It was from social media that she got many customers and connections. She said that she started getting calls from people all over Nigeria, and likewise outside Nigeria.

Right now, she is the only female herder in Nigeria, and she does the business with her husband who also helps her to rear the cows around for pastures. According to her, she said that she has made a lot of money from the business and she's becoming more successful every day. She said that she's not ashamed, she's very proud of her business. She also said that she delivers cow all over Nigeria and outside Nigeria. You can watch the video of her interview here. Drop a comment, like, share and follow me up.

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Ekene Igbo Not Fulani


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