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Tech guy insists on paying street food vendor with bitcoin

Local tech guy, Sola, engaged in a serious argument with a woman selling food down his street because he insisted on paying the food vendor with bitcoin.

Shola, who had gone to buy Bread and Beans at the woman’s place, argued that bitcoin is the new currency and everyone should do business with it. He said he has vowed never to use physical money again as it’s ancient.

He said, “It’s really funny how these people have deliberately decided to be perpetually stone-aged. I told her that I will pay her in bitcoin because I don’t deal with paper money anymore. I transact my business dealings with bitcoin. Using all these paper currencies is archaic and unrefined.

“I don’t have any paper money on me as I have vowed never to use them again. They belong to history. This is 21st century and we need to move from old things.”

As at the time of writing this report, the Food Vendor refused to let go of Shola, insisting that he must pay her with with paper money. We are still expecting who will help them settle the matter.

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