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5 Business Steps That May Give You Positive Results Over Time

Consistency is a very powerful attribute to have. Now doing seemingly small things consistently can produce very powerful results.

Look at it like this, putting droplets of water in a bucket consistently will see the container full over time and you might not even feel like you have done that a lot.

Develop a consistent attitude by doing these small things and create a routine around them.

One of the lessons I've learnt in business is that it's not often the one-time bog things you do that makes the difference, it's the consistently small little things you do that makes all the difference in the world. It's little drops of water that makes a mighty ocean. It's the consistent hitting of a rock that makes water go through it. Powerful things will now to you and you will get what you're not qualified for in life if you're consistent.

Here are 5 recommended habits that I encourage you to practice consistently for a great business.

1. Saving 10% of your sales:

If 100% is not enough, then 90% is not enough either. So save the 10% and know you still have to work hard to make things happen. Saving helps in so many ways. You'll wake up one day and realise that you have this pile of cash you can leverage for an immediate opportunity. If you want to do this well, separate it from your other savings plan. I guarantee you that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome within a short period.

2. Adding one new customer every week:

Instead of asking up one day to find that your customer base has shrunk, form the habit of doing what you can to add one new buyer every week. If you run a professional services business, a new buyer every month is good practice. Even if you have to give them a discount, get someone new to patronise you regularly. Even if they don't repeat, they've experienced you. Local customers aren't there forever.

Life happens to them, they relocate, they die, whatever. Take this a step further and ask every staff to add one new customer as well. You'll be amazed.

3. Check up on 2 or 3 long forgotten customers every month:

Think about customers whose orders you haven't seen in a while, those who probably haven't shopped with you in a while. Write down their names and check in on them. You may decide to do this every last Thursday of the month. Have lunch with them or just buy grilled fish or suya and coke, nothing elaborate. Catch up, get feedback and share ideas. You don't have to ask them to buy from you, just talk and catch up.

4. Expose yourself or do something different every quarter:

It's very easy to get so caught up in the day to day running of the business that we forget to do other things. I used to think doing other things was about getting a vacation but I've come to realise it's more about staying fresh and having new ideas or perspectives. So every quarter, do something different, attend a conference, go on a road trip, go on vacation, volunteer to help out somewhere etc. Some things are taught while others can only be caught by exposure.

5. Pray every week:

If you're an entrepreneur of faith, don't go a week without spending deep concentrated and heartfelt time in prayer. This is not your casual prayer that doesn't engage your mind in any meaningful way. This is the real quality time you spend in prayer and speaking prophetic utterances over your business.

You bring out your goals along with the scriptures that back them up and you are putting God in remembrance of His promises. You're removing every influence of the devil and enforcing the word of God over your life. You're praying for wisdom to be more effective in the fulfilment of your goals. Always a powerful time.

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