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Foreign exchange

Nigerian naira fast becoming the weakest currency in Africa

The Nigerian currency (naira) is becoming the weakest currency in Africa. This is because of the current economy of the nation. $1 is approximately N500 which is not good for a country like Nigeria.

Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa and many people across the globe always wish to visit Nigeria because of the beautiful cities in Nigeria like Abuja and Lagos

A breakdown of naira to other African currency.

South Africa: Rand 1= ₦79 

Angola: 1Kwanza = ₦12 

Botswana: 1Pula = ₦28

Cape Verde: 1Escudo = ₦8

Algeria: 1Dinar = ₦12

Egypt: 1Pound = ₦35

Eritrea: 1Nakata = ₦18

Ethiopia: 1Birr = ₦19

Ghana: 1Cedi = ₦56

Gambia 1 Dalasi = ₦9

Kenya: 1Shilling = ₦6

Liberia: 1Dinar = ₦8

Lesotho: 1Loti = ₦19

Libya: 1Dinar = ₦156

Morocco: 1Dirham = ₦176 

Madagascar: 1Ariary = ₦14

Mauritius: 1Rupee = ₦16 

Malawi: 1Kwacha = ₦21

Mozambique: 1Metical = ₦24

Namibia: 1Dollar = ₦32

Seychelles: 1Rupee = ₦22 

Sudan: 1Pound = ₦42

Swaziland: 1Lilangeri = ₦19

Tunisia: 1Dinar = ₦150 

Zambia: 1Kwacha = ₦28

Even the worst economies of Africa now have more valuable Exchange rate than us.

As at today $1 = ₦480?

€1 = ₦560?

£1 = ₦660?

₦1,000,000.00 is less than $2,100

The President of Nigeria should act fast to save this country. Though the President might not be a lawyer or banker like other President(s) but his vice is a professor.

Putin (Russia): Lawyer

Joe Biden (America): Economics degree

Merkel (Germany): PhD Physical Chemistry

Xi Jinping (China): Chemical Engineering and Doctor of Law

Ghanian President: Doctorate holder

Buhari (Nigeria): WAEC

Yet, somebody is calling Nigeria giant of Africa. If we must tell ourselves the truth this country can't be Giant of Africa again.

Content created and supplied by: AgwaraHenry (via Opera News )

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