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How China can help reduce poverty in Nigeria without giving us a dime in loans

Development is no doubt the wish of all sane human. That is, if there is to be any societal element that changes the fortune of people or nation within a certain time frame, then it is development.

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Following the advancement in technological innovations, many countries including china -our biggest trade pal - have layed their marks and improved in all sectors of their economy.

However, the same cannot be said for Nigeria as its dwindling economy continues to inflicts more mystry and hardship on the people.

Much of this is evidenced in the high unemployment rate, poverty rate and even the insecurity that has bedeviled the nation for a while now.

As such, the government of the day have had to resort to borrowing from foreign countries particularly China to finance even the nation's recurrent expenditure.

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While the magnanimity of China may bring temporary succour to the hardship, it is noteworthy that these borrowings will only plunge the Nation into more financial crises, thereby consigning more people to poverty and despondence.

If the recent claim by the Chinese ambassador to Nigeria of China's intention to help reduce poverty in the country were true in it's entirety, then it's high time China enforced a radical change in the way they offer us assistance.

Instead of giving us countless loans that will entrench poverty and fiscal burden in the land, the Chinese government ought to be establishing hubs for technological innovations where we can start creating export-worthy goods from the knowledge they share with us.

It is a known fact that China did not become a force to reckon with in the committee of nations by borrowing funds to finance its budget.

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Infact, in the wake of China's surge in growth and development, the leaders allowed entry of few foreign goods and leveraged on their huge manpower to drive production and consequently, made themselves a power House of technological innovations.

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How can a country that depended on itself for growth and development bring economic growth to another country by making them a dependent nation?

Having enjoyed decades of trade relation with Nigeria, it would only be logical for China to help her become a productive country by giving her people technical assistance and not granting several loan requests.

A country that doesn't even produce tooth pick cannot suddenly overcome poverty through borrowings, it's not possible.

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