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Ways To Reduce Expenses In Poultry Farming.

Poultry farming is a lucrative business which needs attention and money. We shall discuss how poultry farmers could reduce much expenses in running a poultry farm.

1. Poultry Farmer using empty paint container as an alternative means of feeding his chickens; The price of setting up a poultry farm both for small scale and large scale production of meat and eggs, is getting out of hand.

(Photo credit; Public integrated farm)

After setting up a poultry farm, stocking the new chicks, feeds and drugs etc, one would still buy feeding troughs for the birds. Buying up to twenty would cost about N30,000 as one is sold for one thousand naira upward.

However, a creative poultry farmer has opened the eyes of other farmers by converting empty paint containers to feeding troughs. This would definitely save some money for the farmer, which would have been used to acquire feeding troughs from the seller.

(Photo credit; Public Integrated farm)

3. Reduction in cost of feeding; A bag of poultry feed is sold at the rate of N6,500 to N7,500 depending on the producers. A number of fifty broilers at three months can consume two to three bags of feeds in just a week. The farmer spends up to N20,000 in a week, going by the calculation, (N6,500 x 3weeks = N19,500).

A farmer who has 200 broilers at three months should be spending up to N78,000 in a month. That is, 4weeks x N19,500 = N78,000.

(Photo credit; All Nigerians Recipe)

But with the mixing of corn chaff together with the feed, it will go along way in reducing the cost of buying feed. Corn chaff is gotten from the making of 'pap or akamu' and equally sold at a cheaper rate.

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