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17 Businesses That Will Fetch You N450,000 Every 4 Months

There are many businesses that will fetch you N450,000 every 4 months. Here are some of them:

1. ==> Broiler production

  There is no doubt that agriculture has the list of the fastest growing start-ups for small businesses. By poultry poultry, farmers realized that they could earn more by raising birds for meat.

  With quality and quantity feeding, you can reach an average target weight of 1.8-2.0 kg in 7-8 weeks. The only problem is that you have to produce based on the size of the available market and its live weight requirement.

  Contact other game manufacturers to get links to companies that buy live birds and drops.

  2. ==> Eco-friendly construction

  Engineers and contractors engaged in the construction of buildings and machinery that reach minimal levels of pollution have created companies that are expanding alarmingly.

  The recent increase in local and international concerns about global warming and the health risks of environmental pollution has created enough room for the growth of such businesses.

  These include manufacturers and distributors of eco-friendly paints, building materials, solar panels, etc.

  3. ==> Baby products

  The production and distribution of baby clothes, toilets and toys are among the most lucrative fast-growing businesses. As the population expands, it is necessary to address the babies who were just caused by this growth.

  Provided you are strategic to restoring your business, this business is sure to turn you into money every day.

  4. ==> Advice on agricultural issues

  Because many people are now returning to agricultural investments after looking for jobs that do not exist, have lost their valuable jobs, or even after retirement, people who specialize in a chosen field earn a lot of money to help others to open their own farm.

  Plant and animal production involves life and a simple mistake can ignite any investment.

  This is the main reason why people need consultants who pay them to help them manage their farm, train their staff and move them through various production processes, such as feeding molds and grinding, breaking down , vaccination, irrigation, fertilizers, harvesting and packaging, marketing of agricultural products etc.

  5. ==> Manufacture of metal products

  Many industries need small and medium-sized iron tools. Agriculture, mining and construction are the main consumers of iron equipment.

  Businesses focusing on household and steel production, as well as industrial manufacturers of precision instruments, have seen one of the most stable growth figures in this century.

  6. ==> Mobile Health

  People are now aware of the factors that affect their well-being.

  They are interested in assessing their health condition from time to time. If you can fight health, medical and nutritional facts as well as assessment methods, you will rake in thousands of dollars every month.

  Develop mobile Android applications for mobile phones and tablets that can be used in a weight loss training program, calculate the menstrual cycle in a safe period, estimate daily and weekly energy intake, plan bodybuilding routines etc are some of the best mobile software / applications you can use Make money from a developer's monthly and annual subscriptions.

  7. ==> Cassava agriculture

  Cassava farming in Nigeria and other African countries is a sure way to make a lot of money from plantation farming. This business is growing fast because most governments have set up large agencies that buy cassava roots from small farmers, thus eliminating the cost and stress of searching for a market.

  In many rural regions, agricultural land can be obtained at very cheap prices.

  With the knowledge of this cultivation, soil that supports the root system, water / irrigation system availability, and access to mechanization and affordable agricultural inputs, you can start commercial cassava production and be successful.

  8. ==> Social Media Marketing

  In addition to the fun and hustle and bustle on social media, smart investors who have made efforts to grow social media accounts on another large basis earn a lot of money by distributing sponsored posts, links and tweets to their followers.

  Some companies that do not have time to grow accounts from scratch, even buy some of these social profiles when it matches with what they are looking for. Whether Facebook, Twitter, G +, Pinterest or LinkedIn, the focus is the same: share and make money.

  9. ==> Production of plant drinks and organic food

  Public disclosure has revealed the health benefits of taking natural animal and plant products as opposed to the fastest foods and beverages in bottles that have undergone a series of processing and are chemically preserved.

  Different parts of plants have been combined for herbal remedies and supplements to cure a wide range of ailments.

  Medical people recommend more people to take fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, fruits for regenerative health and vitality. This is the secret behind the rapid demand for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as for natural herbal beverages like Briskley, Alomo Bitters, Orgin etc.

  Please note that you will need permission and licensing to produce herb preparations for the general public.

  10. ==> Sale of building materials

  New buildings are erected every day. Fortunately, most new residential buildings are more focused on development zones.

  A business located in the field of building materials in this field guarantees you regular sales.

  If you do not have the capital to buy a large distributor license, you can start to be a retailer that sells to end users, consisting mainly of craftsmen such as carpenters, plumbers, welders, brick and mortar casters, aluminum and glass. Amateurs.

  Some shops that focus on building materials that can get you quick sales and huge returns, become a manufacturer, wholesaler or trader of tiles, steel bars and beams, gravel, sharp sand and gutters, wood and planks, ties, plastic pipes, sinks. and other plumbing, cement, electrical installations, windows and sliding doors, iron gates and security doors, furniture accessories, industrial bricks, iron sheets, asbestos roofing sheets and popcorn, lotion and gloss and others.


  1. Rifle fishing

  The first of the fastest growing business opportunities is growing mix.

  The main reason why I have listed catfish as one of the fastest growing business opportunities is because it is an evolutionary industry that has not reached its peak or its full potential. The main players in this business are mostly regional players.

  This means, in essence, that every major player in the catfish growing industry focuses only on a particular business area and the geographical location of the farm.

  Just look at an area with a growing demand that is not covered by a big player and place your business there. As far as poultry farming is concerned, the federal government's ban on importing live or frozen poultry has only helped to inflate demand.

  If you are going to pursue any of the above business opportunities, you need to point out three important facts.

  * Food is one of the human needs, so cat and poultry grow enormous potential.

  The population continues to grow so that there is a growing demand for food.

  * If the domestic market is secured (which I doubt this niche is still in its infancy), there will still be a growing demand for mice all over the world. So do a detailed analysis and put your money into the job.

  2. Transport of land water

  Transport on inland roads is one of the fastest growing business opportunities. I believe the niche is still unused because I have only seen a few modern commercial boat systems or profitably managed ferry services.

  Even though there are some operators in this industry, I still do not see the modern facilities used by the developed countries.

  Another reason why the rural transport business is viable is because the population in countries like Lagos, Ogun state and rivers are rising and thus causing congestion on the roads. Because the streets are becoming very popular; The next means of transport to which the inhabitants of these highly populated countries turn is water transport.

  With the right planning, a good management team and adequate financing, you can break into this untapped industry and carve out a niche for your business.

  3. Information and communication technology

  When it comes to ICT, I would say that Africa is lagging behind the Western world.

  This may sound like bad news to you but for entrepreneurs and investors it is good news. ICT is still an evolutionary trend that has not reached its peak, so there are plenty of opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors.

  I do not dwell on the capital-intensive business opportunities that exist in the field of ICT; Instead I keep small and medium-sized business opportunities.

  4. Electronic services

  Just as the world is going electronically crazy, so too are many African countries following the trend. Providing e-services is still a virgin business opportunity that has not been fully exploited.

  Providing electronic services under the roof; You will find the fastest growing business opportunities: electronic payment, bulk SMS services, web design and hosting, database management services, electronic portal management, etc.

  5. Schools

  Many institutional and private investors have moved to build high quality schools and provide high quality education but the potential has not been reached. With a population of over 150 million in my country, 65% of them under the age of 40; There is still untapped potential in this niche.

  You can access this business opportunity from different start-up levels. You can enter this niche by offering a postgraduate, primary, secondary or tertiary education, but at any level of entry there is a strong potential.

  Make w.e.g. the analysis before investing in any level of this business opportunity.

  6. Seminars

  Not everyone likes to be educated within the four walls of the school.

  Some prefer smart education on the road or fast learning and this is where you come in handy. You can set up a seminar company that organizes coaching services according to the needs and trends that exist within the company.

  7. Fitness centers

  Specialized training or education centers are another business opportunity that is growing rapidly but is not being exploited.

  Examples of special learning centers are leadership training schools, entrepreneurship centers, training centers for the talented and physically handicapped, a training center for hobbies and crafts, etc.

  I want you to know that out of the many business opportunities and potentials there are, I believe the above are potential money makers, but I emphasize that you should do the feasibility study before investing a penny in one of these business opportunities.

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