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The Strongest Currencies In Africa Against US Dollars

The Libyan Dinar currency is approximately LD 1.41 to 1 USD. The Libyan Dinar currency has been the most valuable African currency.

Libya has been earning its value, due to the stringent financial policy that was initiated through the central bank of their country.

They only sell a restricted amount of dollars to their residents. However, the value of their currency increased against the dollar, after they reopened their oil ports, which was previously closed.

The Tunisian Dinar is approximately DT 2.87 to 1 USD.

The currency of Tunisia (LD), is the second strongest African currency.

The Ghanaian Cedi is approximately 5.49 Cedis to 1 USD, according to the exchange rate.

Ghana has been able to have sustainable development in its economy. It has given them the third position, as the third valuable African currency.

The Sudanese Pound is approximately SD 45.06 to 1 USD.

Sudanese Pounds is known to be one of the valuable currencies in Africa. However, their currency very volatile because of instabilities in their political system.

The Moroccan Dirham is approximately MAD 9.89 to 1 USD.

The Moroccan currency is among the most valuable African currencies.

The Botswana Pula is approximately P 10.90 to 1 USD.

The South African Rand is approximately 14 Rands to 1 USD. 

The currency of South Africa ought to have been the top on the list, but their currency is slowly losing its value.

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