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Do These 3 Things And Watch Money Chase You

It no longer news that Nigeria has one of highest rate of poverty, it sad that a country of over 200million intelligent people 80% still struggle to survive.

Why because a lot of us have a wrong believe towards hardwork, Education and Success which other develop country don’t have. 

Below are things you need to know to live in affluence and wealth amidst poverty


A lot of us think creativity is for those in art, but creativity is all education is about ( think better), it means developing what your environment needs, creativity is improvising and solving problems through skill. Creativity is having a skill and be creative about it.

Elon musk,Bill gate, Jack Ma, Every great person you hear of today is a product of creativity yes including our politicians ( their creative strategy got them there), even your employers pay for your creativity not your papers. As a business mind that all you need to stand out. BE SKILL FULLY CREATED. is not always about your certificate.

Tonto dikeh studied chemical engineering but is richer than 1000 engineers put together, same with AY, Dr SID, Almost every rich person today had to drop that certificate one point in time. Some are even willing to sell it if you will buy.


It is a popular saying “ YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NETWORTH” You are as powerful as people you know. A street beggar can change your life forever. Build relationships everyday and you will never be poor. Even God need people to Bless you, Not every girl you should sleep with or dump ( Just one word to their boss can change your life).

No matter how smart there are things you don't know or need to be reminded by people, there are link you can't get without people. Stop begging for money beg for Customers, Friendship, partnership, , Mentorship, Apprenticeship. People are all you need to be rich even with low or poor creativity. Make a friend today, call that friend. I don’t think any of dangote's friends are poor.


Not trying to just being religious, Giving has worked a lot of magic, it is a LAW OF NATURE irrespective of religion or belief. Giving that last Kobo may change your life. Giving to God, Giving to needy, Giving to your parents, Giving to your family. Is a criteria and standard for Blessing in all RELIGION and CULTURE. It can’t be coincidence. IT WORKS….

Even the rich and wealthy today in our society always have a foundation and do philanthropy they know. Even companies do CSR ( cooperate social responsibility) Giving is the oldest form of seeking for blessings in all tradition and religion.

Even if skill doesn't help you, then People will, Even if people don't, Then Divinity will.

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