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Collecting old naira notes from banks risky - Banker warns

Nigerians have been warned that they might be at risk if they collect the old N1000 and N500 notes from their banks.

A bank official who spoke on the matter said that, based on information acquired by Punch, customers might not be permitted to deposit the same old notes in banks until the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) gives the directive. built on a punch.

This comes after the Supreme Court decided last Friday to extend the legal tender validity of the old notes to December 31, 2023.

According to the bank official who spoke to Daily Post on the condition of anonymity, several banks paid the old naira notes on Monday and Tuesday.

But, he did assert that some banks held off on making the payment because they feared it might trigger a new crisis because the CBN had not yet given its approval.

"CBN has not yet given any directives," the spokesperson said. Yet, commercial banks are only paying their clients partially for the outdated notes. However, since banks do not yet accept the return of old notes, customers are not compelled to retrieve them.

I'm telling you, we are still on a one-time deposit till you generate the code from the CBN. If they have previously deposited the money, think about how they might do it again.

He claimed that bank officials were upset to see their customers waiting outside in the rain and the sun for new notes that weren't available when commenting on why some institutions distributed the old notes.

The banker claimed that in order to solve the issue of people lacking cash, banks made the decision to pay, and he added that "the CBN is adamant to change the current policy."

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