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"Money does not take you anywhere" - Reno Omokri gives clear meaning of what money is to individual.

To every human, money is a necessity and it is highly needed for every man to meet their day to day needs. While so many people believe that money is key to happiness so many others believed that, the love of money is the root of evil.

In a twitter post now, the former aide to President Ebele Jonathan, a writer, author, televangelist and a popular Nigerian human rights activist, Reno Omokri, has taken to his official and verified twitter page to share his daily nugget on what money is.

On his page, Reno Omokri said "Money is a vehicle. Period. Money does not take you anywhere. Whether to the top or the bottom. Like any vehicle, it is up to you to drive your vehicle to your chosen destination. Money can buy drugs that can break you. It can also buy investments that can make you. #RenosNuggets"

Obviously, this is a very clear and concise definition that anyone can give to Money.

According to Reno Omokri, he said Money is just like a vehicle and the destination of such vehicle depends on the driver ambitions and goals.

He said the same money that helps top investors and business moguls to reach their present height in life is the same money, that have render some young people useless in the society, due to their high intake of hard drugs.

One of Reno Omokri's follower with the name Agbor David was very quick to add biblical reference to what Reno said concerning money, he said "However, the scriptures say money is for a protection the same way wisdom is for protection. But the advantage of wisdom is to protect the life of the owner.

Gain knowledge of what you want to invest in so that regrets and pains does not come with failed business or investment."

What do you think about Reno Omokri's nugget on what money is?

Use the comment section below to share your own view on what you think Money is.

Source: Reno Omokri's Twitter page.

Content created and supplied by: Erinayo3 (via Opera News )

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