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Where are they seeing the money? - My area is full of building projects despite Covid19 pandemic

Covid19 pandemic rocked the entire world since early last year. It brought about a huge impact on the economy. Due to restrictions on movement and closure of borders, a lot of businesses stopped working. Some of these businesses had to scale back or lay off most of their workers or even shut down completely. These made a great number of people to loose their jobs.

Food security became a problem. Prices of food in the market was on the rise. Imagine receiving less salary or none combined with high cost of food. It was indeed a critical period. Even the food meant to be shared to the public was hoarded by government officials making the suffering to double.

Yet, the amazing thing is that despite all these bad developments due to the pandemic, majority of people were still buying lands and building houses. I was so shocked when I took a stroll in my neighborhood. The rate at which people complain of money and bad economy made me to wonder if they used leaves to build these much houses. There's no money, yet you need to see the major building projects people are undertaking now even as things are so expensive.

I was moved to exclaim "where una dey see money?" I'm talking about Parliamentary Extension, Calabar to be precise. Years ago, that land was just a fallow area with thick forest. But not anymore now, I could count more than 50 new houses, excluding the old ones. I praise God for his grace upon us despite the hardships that Covid19 brought with it. Infact, even the big valley on that area has been cleared out. People are about to start building on it.

Infact some people are saying year 2020 was a good year to them. Some of them got married during the pandemic, others learnt a new skill, started a new business etc. It wasn't so bad afterall. Others even bought their first car and moved into their own house. Nigerians are truly survivors. No matter how hard conditions may be in the country, they find a way to make the best use of it.

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