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Reason so many people are still living in poverty.

One of the easiest things to do is break away from the clutches of poverty. Interestingly, Nigeria is one of those places you can make money legally and easily. This is as a result of the many business opportunities available there. Small scale businesses also thrive a lot in the country.

Unfortunately Nigeria has so many people who can hardly boast of three square meals everyday. Despite all the available opportunities ,most people still live below the poverty line.

One of the things I have come to realize about most people who are poor is that they are not open to accepting money making opportunities. They have become so used to the mindset that never allows them to try out new businesses. They believe that every unknown business is automatically a scam .

One thing that sets the wealthy individuals of the society aside in making more money is that they are always ready to invest into new businesses after they have made the necessary inquiries. And this is something most average people need to learn. You need to understand that money does not run after any man who has not positioned himself well to acquire it. Every business opportunity that comes your way might not always be a genuine one but always know that there will always be a real one, it is for you to pick the sense among the many nonsense. You are to figure out the authentic ones if you truly want to break away from poverty.

Stop waiting for other people to try it out first before you venture in. This has always been the mindset of so many people

They want to see others invest before they will . Life is all about risk taking, calculated ones at that and same it is in acquiring wealth. Take financial risks that will help you gain financial independence. Look! Waiting on other people's results before you consider your next step can be a very big mistake. It is just like going to pick mangoes after the early birds have been there. You need to put yourself in the position of showing other people your result rather than waiting on others. Sometimes life can be " first come first serve". So make yourself available to new business opportunities and gain your financial independence.

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