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If You have a Poultry, These Tips May Help To control Mortality Rate

The poultry farm has been a lucrative business by which some farmers make some profit when they sell the birds or the eggs produced by the birds. They also make money through their waste by selling it to other farmers who use it as manure to support their plants. But despite the profit from this business, there have been some challenges many farmers are encountering when raising their birds which are the mortality rate of the birds. This problem has been a very challenging situation that has made many farmers who want to start up this business refrain from doing so.

However, studies have proven many hygienic and strategic ways by which farmers can successfully raise their poultry birds without encountering much mortality in the field. Below are some of these strategies.

1). Don't allow water to pour into their waste: When water pours into the wastes, it begins to form the parasite that normally attacks these birds, thereby in warms and causing a bump on their face which makes them fall sick and die. So always clean up their waste as soon as water pours on it.

2). Always clean up their waste: Leaving the waste for a long period may introduce many parasites like bedbugs and others which may attack those birds.

3). Change their drinking water as soon as possible: Living their drinking water for too long is unhygienic to the poultry birds which may cause them to fall sick and die.

4). Look out for a healthy and right feed: Many farmers do not know the right and healthy feed meant for the bird which normally limits their growth and makes them vulnerable to disease. You should always find out the right feed recommended for the stage of the birds before buying it to meet their needs.

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