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(Video):Man shows off the 817,000 Naira he saved in his Piggy Bank in 2020, hopes to inspire others

Saving by any means is usually a good thing to do in order to prepare yourself for the future just in case of some unforseen circumstances which may want to stand as a major challenge to you.

Nowadays, we have banks scattered across different parts of the Nation where individuals can easily walk in to deposit a certain amount into their account. In the olden days it wasn't like that as people prefer to use the traditional method of saving by using what is called piggy Bank or in other words, "Kolo". The piggy bank or Kolo is made of wood in a box shape with a little slanted narrow hole for dipping the money into it.

A Nigerian man has shown determination and self control, proving that one can actually realise a fortune from the piggy bank saving just as he did in 2020 .The young man whose name and location was not disclosed was recorded opening the piggy bank filled with lots of wrapped one thousand Naira Notes filling up the entire Piggy bank. The total amount summed up to a whooping N817,000. The Young man hopes he could inspire somebody in 2021.

Watch video here

Kudos to the man because its not usually easing saving with the "Kolo" box as it requires determination and self control, else within a week one can be tempted to destroy the box to retrieve the little savings.

Irrespective of how much you earn daily, weekly or monthly, always save and take your mind off it. You would be surprised to see how much you have saved over a period of time

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Kolo Nigerian Piggy Bank


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