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How "Pure Water" Prices In 2 Nigerian States Debunked The Price Increment Claim Linked To PMB

Yesterday's morning, the word "Pure Water" has become one of the most trending words on social media, and this happened due to a report that narrates how the "Pure Water" sellers in Abuja cries out on their products price hike from N200 to N400, which they blame the happening of the incident on the President Muhammadu Buhari's administration.

According to the Daily Post, Mama Aminat, a market woman in AMAC Market, said, “Wetin you want to make I talk? You don't know say everything for spoil? Buhari don finally finish us. The worse you can do to any living thing is to deny them water."

Honestly, I don't think President Buhari should be blamed for being the source of the "Pure water" price increment, because I think the governors and entrepreneurs are the people who are responsible for the blaming.

First, it should almost certainly mean that the federal government has no close or distant relationship with water companies. State governments have a hard time collecting taxes, the amount of which can lead to inflation.

Furthermore, the main 'culprits' for the rise in sachet water prices are entrepreneurs for a study that shows how different the prices of sachet water are in all the states of the country debunked the charges against Buhari.

According to my research, in Kano State, since the previous administration of Engr. Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso sells pure water for N5 per one as opposed to Lagos State in southern Nigeria where sachet water is currently sold for N20. So here, even though Lagos State has more water companies than Kano State, why is the price different? I would like you, the reader, to answer this question in the comment section.

If the Nigerian government is responsible for rising sachet water prices, the prices will be the same in all 36 states of the country.

You too can support me by telling me the price of "pure water" in your state and don't forget to like, share, and follow me up for more interesting topics at all times.

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