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What You Need To Know About Banana Republic

The term Banana Republic was first used by an American writer, O. Henry in his short story book "Rouge et Noir", which he published in 1901. No country or government is officially designated as a Banana Republic.

Banana Republic are typical of nations whose economic survival depends on the exportation of limited natural resources. Therefore, these countries live on lean resources and unable to adequately provide basic life necessities for their citizens. The result is extreme poverty and impoverishment. Alternatively, such countries depend on foreign investment and business to grow their economies.

Apart from the economic deprivations that face countries termed Banana Republic, they are also confronted with political challenges that undermine growth snd developmental efforts. There is widespread corruption, tyranny of the ruling class, civil unrest, coups and counter coups, and insurgencies. To say the least, a Banana Republic is a state of anomie.

Other characteristics of Banana Republic is that there is sharp dichotomy between the rich and the poor. While the rich are extremely rich, the poor are completely poor. There is no middle class!

Both developing and developed countries can be called a Banana Republic depending on the signs the country is showing at the time. Mainly, the term is used in a derogatory way to refer to a nation that is immersed in series of setbacks.

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