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COVID19: Effects on Nigeria's Economy And Citizens

Corona virus is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. A virus which has never been known in world history before its advent in 2019.

 In the city of Wuhan, China Asia, the world recorded the first ever case of this virus which has the ability to kill its patient in less than a week.

The first ever case of this deadly virus was recorded in Nigeria on the 27th February 2020 when an Italian citizen in Lagos tested positive for the virus. On the 9th March same year, the country also recorded the second case of this virus in Ewekoro, Ogun state.

Meanwhile on the 28th January 2020 while the virus was yet to penetrate Nigeria, the federal government assured Nigerian citizens of its readiness to by every realistic means secure the country from the said virus; the first step was to ensure a strong surveillance at the five international airports in the country.

On the 31st March 2020, about 139 cases and 2 deaths were already recorded. This unexpected development left the federal government of Nigeria with no option than to announce the closing of all borders into the country and also the shut down of every social and economic activities in the country. 

Nigerians witnessed what they probably did not witness during the civil war in a short period of time; no international flight comes into the country, no one leaves, no social gathering, companies, factories and industries were shut down completely in almost every part of the country, schools were not an exception as the media always reported the daily cases recorded from the virus. While in some parts of the country, people were allowed to go out only twice in a week to stock their kitchens with food items, some states like Lagos gave no such opportunity.

Nigerians who depended on their daily struggles for survival were left almost with no option. There was hunger in the land, the federal and state governments played little or no role to get the situation ameliorated as citizens kept wailing through traditional and new media about the state of their conditions.

In some states like Anambra where it was permissible to go to market only for getting edible items, one could no longer afford these items as they were placed on exorbitant prices; who was to be blamed?

During this time of the human history, the government of Nigeria inaugurated a task force who was charged with the responsibility of ensuring that every person in the country adhered to the Covid19 rules and regulations; no social gatherings as burials, weddings and traditional marriages already fixed before the pandemic were all cancelled, nobody would leave his home without wearing a face masks, sanitisers applied by few orgazatiosns allowed to perform official duties. The experience was horrible and excruciating enough to continue reverberating in the consciousness of one who isn't mentally deranged.

The economy of the country puttered drastically as there was border closure; no goods leaves and comes into the country, the government itself lost a lot of funds as its petroleum export which is the major source of revenue was in declining state. State governments lost billions that could in the future lead to incurring of debts.

The advent of Covid19 in Nigeria was the advent of adversaries and economic guagmire, to this day, the country and her citizens are yet to recover in fullness the effects of this deadly pandemic.

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