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2 Attitudes that hinder financial success.

Success is an essential ingredient which nourishes the human life span and also determines the longevity of any human life in existence. Hence success is globally desired to be achieved by mostly everyone on earth.

God made man to be successful in all ramifications of life that was why He (God) created everything for the comfort of mankind. But man lost all these comforts because of sin and evil desires.

The entrance and continuous advancement of sin in the life of mankind resulted into many woes like hardship, lost of good health, unproductivity etc, that man is facing today.

The land was cursed because of man's disobedience to God. Ever since then everything became a tussle and struggle to man.

These 3 attitudes hinders the financial success of man:

1. Prayerlessnes: A man that is weak in prayers has no channel towards success acquisition because there are spiritual evil forces that are naturally against the success of men. These forces are always active in their quest to ensure that a man suffers till death without succeeding. Jabez turned his situation around through prayers. Hence prayer is inevitable for success and wealth accumulation.

3. Arrogance: A man who is arrogant hardly gains favor in the sight of God nor man. This is because no one would love to partner with an arrogant person in business. The worst scenario is that an arrogant man rarely seek for assistance even when he or she is in dire need of help.

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