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2 Factors You Need to Consider Before Collecting POS Machine From Any Bank For Your POS Business

Point of Sales (POS) is a mobile device used in Supermarkets to pay for the goods you buy, but it has been turned into a business in Nigeria since 2013. Anybody can get the machine from a bank or online payment giving it out, and start using it to make daily Profits.

POS business is a good business that anyone can start in Nigeria to make daily Profits. Some people have it in mind to establish it, but they don't know how to go about it. However, every business requires deep research before investing in it. One good thing about the POS business is that it doesn't require much energy like other businesses.

In this article, I will be sharing with you two factors you need to consider before collecting POS machines from any bank when you want to start your POS business.

1. The Network of the POS

Before you walk into any bank to collect POS or apply to get it online, you need to ask about the network of POS machine you want to collect from people who have been using it for their businesses. The business is now competitive in Nigeria. The network of your POS will determine your daily Profits. If your POS has a stable network, you will be making more Profits than other POS agents who have a network issue on their POS machines.

2. Charges on the POS Machine

Each bank and online payment platform giving out POS machines operate at different charges. We have some banks that charge 0.5% on any transactions you perform using their POS, while some charge 0.7%. However, you need to go for the POS machine with low charges to increase your daily Profits.

What is delaying you from starting the POS business?

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