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Photos Of Nigeria's Currencies From The Past Till Date And The Year They Were Introduced

Nigeria is a country that has been in existence for several years. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa that has had several currencies over the years. In this article, will will be looking at photos of Nigeria's currencies from the past till date and the year they were introduced.

1 Trade by barter

The first on the list is trade by barter, trade by barter is a process whereby people exchange their goods to get another kind of goods. It was a means of payment/exchange that was first used by Nigerians.

2 Cowries

The second method of payment/currency that was used by Nigerians in those days was cowries.

3 Nigerian shilling

Nigerian shilling was introduced in 1958 and is among the best currencies that Nigeria has introduced.

4 Nigerian pound

After the Nigerian shilling was introduced and was used as means of exchange, Nigerian pounds was the next one that was used. It was introduced in 1967.

5 Five shilling note

After the Nigerian pounds was used, five shilling was introduced in the year 1968.

6 One pound note

One pound note was introduced in 1968 same year the five shilling note was introduced.

The name of Nigerian currency was changed from shillings and pounds to Naira, which was gotten from the country's name "Nigeria" by Obafemi Awolowo.

7 The fifty Kobo note

The currency was introduced In 1973

8 One be Naira note

This Naira note was introduced by the central bank of Nigeria in the year 1973

9 Five Naira note

The next currency that was introduced is the five Naira note in the year 1973

10 Ten Naira note

It is among the popular currencies in Nigeria that was introduced in In 1979

11 Twenty Naira Note

The twenty Naira note came into existence in 1977

12 fifty naira note

It was introduced in Nigeria in 1991

13 Hundred naira note (N100)

The hundred naira note is also a popular currency, bit was introduced in 1999.

14 Two hundred naira note (N200)

It came in the year 1999

15 Five hundred naira note (N500)

It came is the year 2000

16 One thousand naira note (N1000)

The one thousand naira note is the last Nigerian currency that was introduced. It came in the year 2005.


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