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10 States In Nigeria With The Best Economy.

Nigeria 🇳🇬 is a country blessed with diverse people and culture. There are 36 states in Nigeria with six geo-political zones.

The economy of Nigeria is diversified, though oil holds the major stake in the economic sector.

In this very article we shall be examining the top 10 states which has the best economy in Nigeria based on their GDP per capita.

10. Kaduna - $10.33 billion

Kaduna is placed in the Northern vital part of the united states. Its overall populace is 6.1 million people. Kaduna is one of the most multicultural states within the nation with greater than sixty numerous ethnic agencies dwelling here.

Its GDP is $10.33 billion. The important a part of the economically lively population works inside the agricultural quarter.

9. Ogun State - $11 billion

Ogun is positioned inside the South West vicinity of the country. Overall population is round four million residents.

The state is wonderful for a high concentration of factories, like Procter and Gamble in Agbara, Coleman Cables in Arepo, Lafarage Cement in Ewekoro, Dangote Cement in Ibese. Its GDP is $11 billion.

8. Akwa Ibom - $11 billion: The state rich in oil, it is positioned in the South of the united states. Its overall population is 5.5 million humans.

The vicinity is domestic to the word magnificence facts centre – the Ibom E-library. The main ethnic agencies in Akwa Ibom are the Ibibio, Annang, Oron, Eket and Obolo. Its GDP is $eleven billion.

7. Edo - $11.89 billion: Edo's capital is Benin city. the overall populace of Edo is 3.five million humans with a GDP of $eleven.89 billion.

Edo State is famous for its traveler points of interest, like the Emotan Statue in Benin town or River Niger seashore and Ise Lake in Agenebode.

6. Kano State - $12.39 billion: Kano's estimated populace is around 11 million people with a GDP of $12.39 billion.

Kano is a main producer of skins and hides. It additionally produces chili pepper, gum Arabic, garlic, cotton, soybean and sesame.

5. Imo State - $14.21 billion:

Imo State is placed inside the South East of Nigeria. Its GDP is $14.21 billion. Imo is rich in natural resources, like zinc, herbal fuel, crude oil, lead, limestone, satisfactory sand and white clay. There are over 163 oil wells in Imo.

The principle petroleum businesses inside the location are Agip, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron employer and Addax Petroleum.

4. Oyo State - $16.12 billion: Oyo is located in the South West area of Nigeria. it is one of the pinnacle 20 richest states of Nigeria. the overall populace of Oyo is round six million human beings. Its GDP is $16.12 billion.

The essential a part of the economically lively population works inside the agricultural zone. Oyo produces cashews, palm oil, cocoa, plantains, rice, millet, cassava, yam and maize.

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3. Delta State - $16.75 billion

Delta is positioned in the South-South region of Nigeria. The maximum population of the state is around 4.1 million people.

Its GDP is $16.seventy five billion, Delta state is far rich in natural sources, like limestone, decorative rocks, tar sand, kaolin, lignite, silica and business clay.

Delta additionally has one among the most important deposits of crude oil and herbal gas in Nigeria.

2. Rivers State - $21.17 billion

This is one of the richest states in Nigeria. It covers a place of eleven,077 rectangular kilometres. The population of Rivers is 5.2 million people, and its GDP is $21.17 billion.

The place is rich in vast reserves of herbal gas and crude oil. more than 60% of Nigerian crude oil output. furthermore, Rivers also houses Port Harcourt.

1. Lagos State - $33.68 billion

Lagos tops the list of the top 10 richest states in Nigeria. it's also the most advanced state that Nigeria has.

It's miles placed in the South West place. It covers three,577 square kilometre and its GDP is $33.68 billion.

Lagos state is arguably the maximum economically vital state of the u . s ., containing Lagos, the nation's largest city region. it's miles a main monetary centre and will be the fifth largest financial system in Africa, if it have been a rustic.

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