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After Giving Out The Only 3k In My Account, I Got 200k Before 4pm - Man Shares Testimony

When something supernatural happens to you and it's in your favor, it's only very much understandable that you will want to share the story with others. When you share such a story it's called a testimony and for religious people, testimonies strengthens their faith and trust in God. It also motivates.

A young man decided to teach us the benefits of giving even when you have less after he shared a short testimony of how he was blessed with a huge sum of money hours after giving all he had to a mutual friend who was in need of financial assistance due to hunger.

He said that a man who happens to be one.of his mutuals sent him a message that he needed 2k because he was very hungry and had no money on him to purchase any food.

The only money available in his account was 3k. He eventually sent the man everything so he can buy something to eat as he believed the man needed the money more than him and by 4pm that day he got an alert of 200k.

He now went on to advise everyone that giving opens doors of favour.

Indeed it is very good to be a giver than a always a receiver and yes, giving to people actually opens doors of favour for you. So it would be advisable for you to start giving more than always be at the receiving end.

Here are some Reactions that his testimony got. Some People related with his post.

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