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Prepaid meter runs out fast? Here are useful tips on how to reduce power consumption in your home

Almost everyone has a prepaid meter now in their homes. The high cost of electricity bills has driven a lot of people to buy a prepaid meter. A prepaid meter is cheap to maintain and easy to control. If used wisely, you may end up paying electricity bills less than often depending on usage and power consumption.

Here are useful tips you should do to make your light last longer than usual:

1. Make sure you put off all appliances that are not in use. Sometimes we just put on TV without watching it, we are busy doing something else, while the TV is blasting to no one. That is a waste of power. Put off all appliances that is not being used to save power.

2. Off all lights in the day time and only on them when absolutely necessary. All fans and ACs in empty rooms should be turned off. Don't forget to put off your security lights during the day.

3. If your fridge is always cold and has ice blocks and packs, off it for the meantime and only on it when you notice the ice is melting out. I have about three bottles of ice block water (not for drinking) in my fridge which I use to keep it cold while it is off.

These few tips although small might save you power you can use for an extra week before it run outs

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