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Check Out This Farm Weeding Robot, Capable Of Weeding 20Acres Of Land Per Day.

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating the soil, planting crops, and raising livestock, It is no doubt one of the oldest occupations in the world.

They are many branches of agriculture such as Forestry, Apiculture, Aquafarming Fishery, Farming, etc. Out of all the above mention branches, farming remains the most important of them all.

Those who are very with farming will agree with me when I say it is a very tedious task that requires physical human strength. From clearing the ground to cultivating the crops to watering/irrigation, to harvesting, and the mother of them all control of the weed.

Weeding is a costly and labor-intensive farm task that needs to be done to allow for the proper growth and yield of agricultural produce.

For years now, Robotic engineers have been working to develop robots that could be employed in some farming duty to ease the stress on human workers, hence the development of the weeding robot.

The weeding robots are a marvel of engineering, these robots are capable of detecting unwanted plants on the farm and automatically eliminating them by using lasers or by the application of herbicide.

The robot uses its sensor and camera to detect weed on a farm and automatically uses its robotic arms to apply a microdose of herbicide directly on the targeted weeds. These highly sophisticated machines can weed up to 20 acres of land in a day.

They are many weeding robots already developed some include, Oz, Tev, Avo, and Dino, Each has its unique function and method of usage.

I believe with the inclusion of these robots in some farm tasks, farming yields can be improved and it will also save the cost of farming.

Thanks for your time.

Image credit: Google.

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