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Advertising Marketing

Important marketing tips

"Money's tight. We're cutting marketing." This is what some managers say. I understand how they feel...

When money gets tight, everyone wants to cut marketing. It is an expense after all, and usually a pretty big one.

Anyone wise enough would tell you to cut your big expenses when money gets tight, right? Exactly.

Marketing isn't an expense. It's an investment. Sure, cutting your marketing budget will save you money now. But it will cost you big time down the road. Think about it.

How do people hear about your business?

Who keeps your name in front of them during their research phase?

Who makes sure you get seen as an option in a Google search?

Who provides the case studies and materials your sales team needs?

Who makes sure people even know you're open for business?


You cut that down now and you won't be seen as an option in three months from now.

That's the nature of the long-term play.

Invest now. Reap later.

Cut now. Reap never.

But, go ahead, cut your marketing down and see how that will turn out in the long run.

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