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Buhari: "Imagine what would happen if we didn't encourage agriculture and close borders."

President Muhammadu Buhari has repeated previous orders to the Nigerian Central Bank on Tuesday that it should not recognise foreign exchange for food imports.

  He also promised that his regime would monitor the country's rise in food prices early next year.

  In September of last year, the president said, "I am giving money to those who import food," the president also said that the diversification of agriculture from oil has saved Nigeria from the difficult economic realities of COVID-19.

  He spoke yesterday at a fifth meeting with the Presidential Economic Advisory Committee held at the state office of Abuja.

  According to a statement by Malam Jarba Sheshu, Presidential private aide for media promotion, Buhari said importing food made no sense because seven states were producing enough rice for the country.

  The Nigerian central bank cannot provide funds to import groceries. In fact, Seven states are producing all the rice we need. The President made it clear in September that so far there have been only three plants mixing fertilizers, Nigeria now has 33 plants.

  Buhari paid attention to the great development of agricultural production by diversification and thought that COVID-19 would destroy the global economy and now, where the country was.

  He said: Return to Earth is the way. We were reliant on gasoline at the expense of agriculture. The oil industry is currently in turmoil. We are pressing our ability to produce 2.3 million barrels to 1.5 million barrels per day. At the same time, the technical costs for the production of barrels are increasing compared to production in the Middle East. "

  The President emphasized the position of agriculture in efforts to restore the economy, but agreed that measures should be taken to tackle inflation in the country.

  He said: "We are encouraging people to go back to the land. Our elite is leaving the land to the city for the happiness of oil to edify the idea that we are rich in oil. We are now on Earth.

  "You can't miss the opportunity to make people's lives easier. Imagine what would happen if we didn't encourage agriculture and close borders."

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