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How You Can Build A Decent Home On A Small Land

in the contemporary world, architecture has been able to resolve the constraints of constructing a building on a 150 Square metres plot (¼ plot). They have produced designs for such little plots that are otherwise known as the quarter plot. This will now remove the fear in the minds of young men who can only afford such sizes of the plot but are afraid about the kind of building it can accommodate.

It will also help those who already own such plots to maximise their available space, instead of resorting to makeshift, because they think it can't contain a decent building. This is because people sometimes erect substandard buildings on their supposedly valuable plots. After all, they lack the knowledge of how to go about it.

Non-professionals (laymen) regard 150sqm plots as pieces plot. Imagine an adjective that they use to qualify that piece of land. In their mind, it is only shops that can be erected here. It's not that shops investment is a bad idea, anyway, but what if the plot is not suitable for shops. Maybe it's in a remote location or a zoned estate.

In a standard estate setting, where you find several professionals in the built environment, a 150sqm plot is an opportunity to show their expertise. The million dollars question is, what type of building exactly is suitable on such a small plot of land? 

Engaging architects in a situation like this will produce an awesome result. They have the professional know-how to manipulate space and produce an unimaginable outcome. Below is a 3Bedroom Duplex Design that can be built on land measuring approximately 150sqm.

Explaining from the floor plan of the drawing, the ground floor has an anteroom. The anteroom is a waiting room, where visitors are expected to wait while their host attends to other visitors. It also has a large living room, a dining section, a kitchen and a maids' or visitors room. The first floor contains 3 bedrooms all en-suite. What this means is that each of the bedrooms has a toilet, a bath and a wardrobe.

It is however noteworthy to state that the structure is not great a building, but you can see that it is large enough to accommodate a moderate family. Another fact to note is that a 4 rooms bungalow of the modern standard cannot fit into this plot, no matter how you try, but here we are having a 4 rooms duplex. That is the power of architecture.

It's therefore, not a bad idea for young men and even older people to buy such plots and build their homes. This is because there is nothing as soothing as having a place to call your home, size notwithstanding. It takes you to a level of confidence in life and gives you a sense of belonging. You can achieve a lot of success with your self-esteem.

Further discussion with a quantity surveyor shows that the proposed building can be completed at a low cost, all things being equal. That's if the land is relatively level or very evenly slopped and free from flooding. There won't be any need for raft or piling. These are a special type of foundation that is used in flooded areas.

If you are a professional in the built environment, I will need your contribution. On the contrary, if you are a non-professional, let's know what you have learned. Please jump to the comment and tell us how you feel, while you like the article. As you benefit from the information therein, don't be too stingy to keep it to only yourself, rather hit the share button and make it viral.

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