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Dangote Sells Cement For N1,800 In Zambia But 3,500 In Nigeria - Sahara Reporters

A survey conducted by the controversial online newspaper Sahara Reporters revealed that Dangote cement company sells its product at N1,800 in Zambia but N3,500 in Nigeria. The price of the product in Nigeria almost doubles that of the Zambia. You should know that the price was put at 1,800 after converting the Zambian currency into Nigerian currency. According to the Zambian currency each 50 Kg of cement costs 110 Kwaca which is equivalent to 1,800 Naira.

The prices of cement have continued to surge since last year which makes owning a resident a huge burden. Cement has before now a fix price of 2,500 but later it surges up to 3,500 and it does not seem to reverse. According to the survey conducted by Sahara Reporters, government regulators in Zambia contributed in making sure that the price of the commodity is stable. Dangote company and other companies in Zambia have initiated jacking up the price but it was quickly checked by the government regulators.

There is really need for government of Nigeria to step in and control the unreasonable increment of prices of the commodity by all the cement players.

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