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Every meat is not beef, see their names

Meats are very popular and essential for our daily activities, from the kitchen to restaurants and markets meats is needed but it is a very common in this area of the world that almost all meats are called beef or meat. The meats of cattle is called beef and that of a pig is called pork.

Goat meat is or goat's meat is the meat of a goat (Capra aegagrus hirus). The meat of a goat is commonly known as “goat”, but the meat of a adults goat is called “chevon” while that of the young goat is called capretto in {It.}, cabrito {Sp.} or kid in South Asian, which commonly means goat meat.

The United States Department of Agriculture promoted the term “chevon” a pseudo-French-language-derived culinary name which meant (goat).

The main reason why I wrote this is because I hear people say "madam put for me goat meat" meaning that they don't know what goat meat is called.

Here are some special names of animal meats the we know and what there meat is called.

1. Cow meat is called Beef

2. Pig meat is called Pork

3. Turkey meat is called Turkey

4. Goat meat is called Chevon

5. Sheep meat is called Mutton

6. Pigeon meat is called Squab


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