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3 Of The World Most Incredible Houses (Photos)

Anyone who has subscribed to Architectural Digest will know that there are some truly amazing homes in the world, if only for their staggering size, unique design, stunning location, or a combination of all three. Gone are the days when we all lived in a simple two-story four-walled house that was feared for very important or very bad reasons. It's one of the craziest houses in the world. 

3. Florida Home 

Archive People have lived on boats since the first ship sailed, and many people have lived in houseboats around the world. They are all very similar in design, but have you ever seen a real house on a boat? For example, a new five and a half million dollar project called Arkup was built in Florida. It is 75 feet long. It's two stories and has four thousand three hundred and fifty square feet of living space with its own motors to help you find the best morning spot, hydraulic stilts to ensure stability, and solar panels to feed on the Florida sun.

The future of coastal structures is surprisingly designed to withstand a Category 4 hurricane and purify rainwater for drinking water. This means that this home does not need to be connected to your utility and can be brought practically anywhere the owner wishes.It consists of a retractable terrace, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and four bedrooms, making it the perfect place for a family or a single person looking for one of the most priced place mats. these for a year so there's a good chance I'll be near the waterway soon. 

2. Floating Seahorse (Dubai)

Dubai is famous for its cross-border architecture, but one of the most fascinating projects was announced in 2019. The islands of the world are an artificial archipelago off the coast. is the domain of a mega-wealthy corporation that owns six islands, unveiled the seahorse houseboats they build so residents can get the most out of their new neighborhood.

Despite the appearance of the barge, the structure you see is just the tip of the iceberg and sits on top of a large underwater element that provides multiple initials of the living space to keep the house in place. The surface has automatic curtains that open to expose the view and corals are placed on the outer edge of the window to attract marine life. With a starting price of around three and a half million dollars, there is an opportunity to be part of a unique floating community. When the plans are fully implemented, you will meet the most influential people in the world.

1. Capital Hill Residence (Russia)

The Capital Hill Residence is located on a hill in the city of Bar Vica west of Moscow and is without a doubt one of the craziest and most futuristic houses in the world. It was designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid and built for the beloved Russian billionaire Vladislav. Originally the home of his girlfriend at the time, Naomi Campbell, the tower's design is inspired by French colas and offers panoramic views of the surroundings as the forest grows around it and offers residents a high level of privacy.

It covers an area of ​​27,000 square meters and is the perfect place to relax for those looking to get away from the stresses of life. It has a Russian bath, steam bath, Finnish sauna, fitness room, indoor pool and reception, as well as a number of non-public rooms and much more. Stuck in the Russian countryside, the Capital Hill building is ahead of its time.

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