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Nigeria And The Challenges in 2021

If there is nothing on which Nigerians are in agreement in recent times in the area of the nation's economy and governance, it is that the year 2021, is one tough year! 

It is a year that many schools in the North had to be shut down, because of the menace of bandits , who abduct students en mass at will. It is a year many Nigerians experienced high cost of living because of the increase in the prices of commodities by more than 100 per cent; the year that many house holds cannot boast of three square meals in a day.

We need more fireworks in the area of anti- corruption. The structure is already on ground. The President should oil the wheels and get the anti-corruption agencies moving. He should seek international cooperation and use the technology to probe into the activities of the miscreants that are looting our nation blind.

Until the war on corruption succeeds, Nigeria will not move forward. This is because as long as the resources meant for the provision of goods, services and infrastructural development are misappropriated and stolen , the country cannot move forward.

The success of every country is measured based on the availability of three basic needs - housing and accommodation, agriculture ( make sure there is food for the people to eat) and education. Basically, the people don't need more than these and we don't need rocket science to be able to achieve that.

Once strong institutions to combat corruption is set up, the president will be able to focus on running goverment and meeting economic and social needs.

Secondly,what the President needs at the moment to put Nigeria back on track is to restructure the country.

The structure of the country is what the president needs to address. We are operating a defective constitution with an expensive bi-cameral National Assembly. Several countries have realised the need to conserve expenditure and have abandoned the presidential system. It is impossible to achieve any meaningful development and growth using the existing structure with several states hardly able to meet their salary obligations not to talk of infrastructure deficit needs.

Nigeria at the moment needs a new, young and dynamic leader with creative skills to create a better Nigeria for all Nigerians. Nigeria needs a president who will run Nigeria with a full sense of civility and sees the whole of the country as his constituecy.

What the President should do now is to focus on making sure that the 2023 election is credible. The tenure of his goverment is at the door, so he should use the remaining time to focus on delivering a credible election to Nigerians in 2023.

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