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4 Online Business Ideas that might help generate sustainable cash(Income)

In this article, I’ll share 8 ideas for online businesses that have the potential to generate Consistent revenue. I’ll briefly cover every idea in case you’re looking for inspiration for your next business.

1. Self-publish books

No one cares whether your book is self-published or published by a traditional publisher. The (quality) of your book is what matters. One of the most successful books in recent years is Can't hurt me by David Goggins. He received some offers from publishers but decided to publish the book by himself. That way he owns all the rights.

2. Sell other people's products.

Don’t want to build your own products? Then sell existing products, also known as affiliate marketing. It sometimes gets a bad rep but it’s a solid business model

3. Create an Online Course

We always want to learn. The popularity of online courses shows that there is great demand. And it’s easier than ever to sell a course

4 Build an online community

Most digital entrepreneurs work from home, so they barely interact with new people (often, just clients) on a daily basis. It can be a lonely pursuit. Build an online community where people can join, talk about ideas, share interesting facts, goals and insights before implementing them.

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