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Has Donald Trump been successful in killing China's economy as he said during the 2016 election?

There was no success at all. China is still as it was, and as it has the most trade relations in the world, and as China has massive manufacturing and the US no longer does, the US needs China more than China needs the US. This may be related to a number of lies Trump claimed in his unwarranted trade wars with China. He even bizarrely said we got a billion dollars from China, which is utter nonsense.

China is doing fairly fine and the US is in deep recession, with unemployment now skyrocketing to new heights. Oh, and China is now buying oil from Iran and has made a strong relationship with them. There’s nothing Trump can do to stop that. The US is near collapse in so many areas now, that Putin succeeded in his motive to put Trump in office in 2016; to badly damage the US by putting someone like that in power there. Even a major war would not have caused the 136,000 deaths from a virus due to being ignored by the Trump administration, along with cities on fire, massive recession and the lack of a real government in Washington D.C.

Also, it's pretty poor but he's doing a great job of killing the US. China is 3000 years old and they have a 50-year plan. Trump is just a bump in the road for China. They can easily wait till Dumbo the Clown is gone. China has a very large, intelligent and technically advanced population.

If that was his intent he’s certainly failed. China’s GDP since 2016 has grown quite a bit faster than the US’s. COVID-19 hit China hard but they recovered quickly, Trump’s America is currently seeing record numbers of cases and more places are shutting down than are reopening. If anything, he’s elevated China’s position in the world through his incompetence.

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