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Opinion: Several hours after re- opening of border, see items that are still banned

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Recently, the minister of finance, Zainab Ahmed announced the re- opening of four borders in Nigeria.

Before the border was closed and now it has been opened, there are several items that are banned from being used in the country.

Below are some items that still remain banned.


Fruit juice in retail pack

Beef and Pork

Cane Sugar


Refined vegetable oil

Soap and Detergents

Paracetamol tablets

Coacoa butter

Bird eggs

Chemical Fertilizers

Bagged Cement

Waste Pharmaceuticals

As you can see, above are some of the items that are still banned in the country despite the reopening of the border, most of these items include refined vegetable oil, pork meat, rice, bagged cement, cane sugar.

I will like to read what you have to say about this.

Do you think it is right for these items to remain banned.

Do you think most of these items should not be banned after the borders have been reopened.

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