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How Separatist Militant Group, NDA Contributed To Make Nigeria No Longer Africa's Top Oil Producer

Nigeria for a very long time has been the undisputed country in Africa to have the largest production of crude oil which was usually at a capacity of 2.5 million barrels per day. That rate also made Nigeria the 6th largest oil producers in the world.

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Due to a massive reduction in Nigeria's crude-oil production to about 1.23 million bpd, Libya has now claimed the status of being Africa's top oil producers. Apart from the fact that Nigeria has failed to sufficiently invest in oil-producing facilities, the separatist militant group, known as Niger Delta Avengers, NDA had a large role to play in decline production of crude oil.

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The Niger Delta Avengers have contributed to make Nigeria no longer Africa's top oil producers due to their massive attacks on pipelines and oil installations.

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NDA have attacked oil installations and pipelines since 2016. The struggle to recover from these gruesome attacks is one of the reasons why Nigeria had a massive reduction in crude-oil production.

The militant group attacked Warri South East and took down several oil installations and pipelines on January 14, 2016.

Photo Credit; Vanguard

Niger Delta Avengers exploded Bonny-Soku Gas Export Line at 1:30 am on February 10, 2016. NDA attacked Bayelsa State Eni's Clough Creek-Tebidaba Pipeline and blew it up by 3:30 am on February 19, 2016.

And many other attacks have been carried out by NDA to cripple Nigeria's oil production.

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Amidst Nigeria's diverse source of income, oil production and distribution generate the highest revenues.

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