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Dear Nigerians, Please Stop Begging For Money. Do These 5 Simple Businesses And Become Rich.

My today's write up will based on business that you can do to afford your basic needs, is not polite for people to be begging for money or some living dependently to afford their domestic wants.

There are some business you can start in a small scale and end up in a large scale. This business are easy in Nigeria and even some of the business doesn't require much capital in order for you to begin. I urge you to stop begging for money, do these five simple business below and become rich:

1. Mini Importation:

This is is one of the most business that are actually neglected by most of people in Nigeria. This business deal is easily to start and it can lead you to hit the jackpot. 

What is Mini Importation?

Mini Importation is the buying of small goods e.g Used clothes, electric gadgets, shoes and others from abroad at wholesales price and reselling in your country for good profit. You can also start this business as small as N8,000 and assure you that you can make a profit from it. 

To be sincere, when my brother start this business I thought he doesn't have a job but now he is currently making from it. He invested only N20,000 and he used to gain a profit of N42,600 in month. 

As a beginner,if you want start this business all you need is your smart phone or laptop and good internet connection. But ensure that you make a lot of research before your sign in to this business. 

2. POS or Mobile Banking Shop:

This is also among one of the profitable business in Nigeria. This business doesn't required any skill and its capital is very low, you can also start without having a shop. 

I know more about this business who participate in this business. The suitable part is that they are all raking in huge amount of money because if you look into community, people hardly visit banks and that's the great opportunity of this business. It is very easy for you to be making N5-8K in a day but it depend on how you are customers. 


I don't need to go deeply in this business because every of us know much about about it before especially young boys. If you really have knowledge on the amount where this people are earning in a day you will be surprised but before you can start this business, you need:

1. A good Laptop (Preferable)

2. Your location must be on site

3. Good Internet Connection.

4. Transport Business:

This aspect is for those people that are in medium class of wealth. The reason why I said this is that is not everyone of us have a cat or motorcycle. But for those people that have they can start ulber transportation or let me see special taxi driver. I assure you that you can make N30,000 to N50,000 per week. 

5. Car Wash Business:

This another simple way you can make money. All you need to do is to find your convenient location especially road side or garage where you will fetch more customers. Most of the people doing this business are earning up to N5,000 to N10,000 in a day. One of my neighbors mostly make N12,000 on Saturday and N16,000 on Friday. 

Conclusion: I urge everyone to share their opinions and suggestions on this write and if you really find this information useful and Interested. Kindly share, like, comment and follow along.


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