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OPINION: 3 Things That Will Happen If The North Still Goes Ahead With Their Food Blockage

The way tensions are seriously rising in many parts of the country is seriously getting out of hands. It's like the North and South are fighting a battle of importance, supremacy and who is to be respected in this entity called Nigeria. You can see how the issue of banditry and killer Fulanis herdsmen has separated the Northern and Southern parts of the country across all boards. Nobody seems to agree with one another. The issue of security is yet to be tackled because nobody wants to listen to one another in this country.

Few days ago, the Northern traders forum gave an ultimatum to the federal government to compensate them for the losses encountered during the Sasha tribal clash that took place in Oyo State. We all knew how Northerners especially Hausas and Fulanis were evicted from Sasha market and their wares worth millions of naira vandalized. In the light of that incident, the Northern traders forum have decided to block all food supply coming to the South until their demands are met by the federal government. In response, many Southerners are already clamouring for the blockage of petroleum products coming from the South to the North. We are all watching to see how this threat and counter threat will finally end.

For donkey years now, the North has been feeding the South in terms of food, meat (cow) and other agricultural products. The North has been the food basket of the nation and their threat of stopping food supply should be taken seriously because it's going to be a tough situation for the whole of the Southern States. The prices of food wares will surely skyrocket and the price of cows will be something else. The South should use this opportunity to develop their agricultural potentials if they don't want to starve to death. This blockage of food supply by the North to the South is truly a blessing in disguise and the South should truly capitalize on this golden opportunity.

I think the North are surely going to benefit from this decision of theirs. One resounding benefit the North stands to get is the expansion of their food market in their regions. Remember before now, the South was the biggest food market where the Northerners come to sell all their food wares. But with this decision to stop the supply of food supply to the South, the Southerners will now be coming to the North to buy from various food wares and cows and not the other way round. This will surely lead to the expansion of various market in the North which will lead to more economic profitablity and development.

More jobs will be created with the expansion of food markets in the North. There will increase in farmers and middlemen ready to sell their food products to thousands of Southerners who will clamouring to buy from them. With the biting increase in the price of food commodities in the South, many Southerners will have no choice but to relocate to the North for survival and to do their businesses. This will surely bring in more economic boost to the Northern regions. More schools, hospitals, roads and good roads will be built to accommodate the migration of the many Southerners that will happening very soon if care isn't taken.

Do you think you agree with my position in the above piece? Kindly feel free to drop your comments.

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