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As A Tenant Planning To Pay For A New Apartment, Ensure You Observe These 5 Things In The House Before Taking A Decision

Securing an apartment in an environment perceived to be conducive is not enough. There is need to be hundred percent sure that after the expiration of your rent for that year, you will not have reasons to be looking for another accommodation.

Many tenants failed to do the right thing before paying for accommodation at the beginning which turned out to hunt them in the long run. If there is anything that is frustrating in the journey of life, it is the stress attached to changes of accommodation on regular basis.

Apart from the unstable characters of house agents, the stress of going from one place to another and the extra money spent after the basic rent can be nerve-wracking especially for a family man with many financial commitment demanding for his attention.

That is why as a tenant seeking to get a new apartment, you cannot afford to make a mistake that will bring you back to base. There are certain things you must put into consideration before settling your mind whether to make a payment or still continue your search, no matter the befitting and brilliant look of the house.

Specifically, these five observations are key in this process and once you discover one out of the five, you don't have to be told before changing your mind and move on.

1. The first thing you need to take note is the ceiling of that particular apartment. Some ceilings are seriously leaking but because you are searching for accommodation during a dry season, it will be difficult to put such an observation into consideration.

There are some traces in house's ceiling that will make you know the house is leaking. Once you notice this, quickly draw the attention of landlord or agent to it. If they promise they would fix it before moving in, don't pay. Most house agents are after your money. Once you pay, that is the end. You will be left to battle with the problem all alone.

2. The second thing is the wall-base of the entire building and that of your apartment. This will give you an insight if the area is prone to flood during the raining season. If you discover the wall-base of the fence or the building has a dark or brownish colour in the base, it shows that it is a flooded area. 

What this means is that if it rains heavily, there is possibility for you to contend with flood and messy environment during the rainy season. In the same vein, if you notice a peeling paint or wall in the apartment room, it is the water from the bathroom that is soaking the wall. You need to draw their attention to it before making a payment.

3. Another thing you need to watch out for is the electricity bill of the house. If it is a house where postpaid meter is used, it is your right to demand for the recent bill before committing yourself.

Some houses are heavily indebted with electricity bill. Once you pay the rent and move in, you automatically inherit a liability. 

4. Similarly, you need to look around the compound or if possible make an observation in the area, the rate at which neighbors are using generator set. If you notice that all the occupants of the building have active generators beside their windows , it is a sign that light is terrible in that area.

No agent or landlord will tell you that their light is bad. They will always tell you what they want you to hear so as to get the money from you.

5. Finally, you need to take note of the number of people connected to the water tank that will be serving your apartment and size of the tank.

There are cases where 4 blocks of 3-bedroom flats are connected to 500litres tank. Once there is no light, tenants will have to look for alternative to getting water. These are things that create crisis in the long run.

As a tenant planning to move into a new apartment, don't joke with these five things. No matter how beautiful a house is, these things can get you frustrated and bring you back to another search for accommodation at the end of your one year rent.

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