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Opinion: Nigeria's economy can bounce back to glory with the help of Adesina

Nigeria have never experienced such trying times as it is doing now and all we need, is a way through this dark tunnel to find light in the end and since the country does not belong to one person alone, it is our collective efforts that will ensure this will come to pass. However, God has blessed us with everything we can ever wish for as a country and that includes natural and human resources. Everyday, we hope and pray for a change in the county and a better standard of living but having looked through a list of men competent enough for that task, I choose Akinwumi Adesina as the top man for the task.

Akinwumi Adesina is the current president of the African Development Bank. He is the first Nigerian to attain that position after a long time. This is a man whose capabilities and qualities cannot be matched by any in the county and with the role he played in the agriculture sector, it is indeed a proof that he is capable of returning Nigeria back to glory. He is recognized all over the world for his undying love for the agriculture sector and the manner in which he handles the affairs, simply makes it easier for people around him.

He was the former minister of agriculture during the tenure of the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. During that time, Mr Adesina had transformed the sector and Nigeria was producing it's own food with less rate of importation of food and if you can remember clearly, it was the time when Nigeria produced it's first cassava bread which is no longer in existence ever since he exited the office. He boosted local production and increased the opportunity for Nigerians to gain employment as at the time.

When he came to become president at African Development Bank, the institution was doing quite well but was taken to another new level as he got there. They had made more than double of what was made previously before he came and please for more clarity, you can google more on his performance at the African Development Bank and statistics will show you, the huge difference and improvement ever since he came to power.

Nigeria needs to cit down food prizes for it's citizens to be able to afford three square meals and the only way that can happen, is with the help of this man who knows better than anyone how to go about agriculture and improve local production like he did when he was minister. Thank you for reading.

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