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Hope For Humanity: My Experience In One Of The Nigerian Banking Halls

A lot of vices have been happening in our society today that has made so many people begin to wonder if there's indeed still hope for humanity. On this fateful but eventful day, I visited the main branch of one of the prominent banks in the Northern part of Nigeria to perform some money transactions. As usual, it seems to be that time of the month when staff salaries have been paid; and so as expected, the banking hall was crowded.

What was even more annoying was the fact that the weather was very hot and the air conditioner seemed to blow nothing but hot air. To make matters worse, there was no sufficient seat in the banking hall for weary customers to rest their tired bosom, and the queue that was formed seemed endless and stagnant, the bankers also were short staffed as there were about four empty cubicles.

Well, if you are a ”NAIJA" born, I'm sure by now you must have been used to queuing, as we queue for almost everything over here - even the most littlest of things. I've been standing for close to an hour, sweating, angry, almost frustrated, at what exactly, I couldn't say but thank God I had my phone on me, with a considerable percentage of battery charged which kept me busy for a while as I became totally oblivious of the happenings in my surroundings.

Suddenly, there was an uproar in the hall, I shut my phone and began scanning the entire hall to know what was causing the uproar. There was confusion everywhere and everyone seems to be murmuring at the same time and moving to a particular direction. My curiosity led me to join the crowd and on getting to the spot, I realised a man probably in his early forties, slumped on the flooor and people rallied round to revive him. It didn't matter his religion, his tribe, his skin color, his finacial status etc.

What mattered most that particular moment was the fight to save a life - his life. Remember, we are first human b4 religion and tribe tried to place a demarcation. Finally, he was revived and two men volunteered themselves to take him to the hospital.

This episode taught me a great lesson - we were first human before religion, tribes, societal status, skin colour etc put a knife to the cord of humanity that bound us. So, when next anyone asks me if there's hope for humanity, my answer to them will be in the positive. Please drop your comments if you have been touched by this post. You can also follow me @ Austar16, like and share my posts. Thank You.

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