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How Ritualists Are Using Some People To Advertise Without Them Knowing

On Facebook nowadays, it is very common that you will see some so called Facebook user posting some pictures of unknown people with money, with the claim that they are the one that helps them gain the wealth. It is very common on social media that all this herbalist or ritualist are now advertising their work ok social media, commonly Facebook.

Although, many of them are not real and legit, they are just doing it lure people and collect their money without doing anything for them. They are doing this because they also knows that Nigerian Youth are now looking for money by all means. Youth are not ready to wait for their own good time, they are just ready to chase the wealth with anything without thinking about the consequences.

Ritualist are using people who normally post on Facebook, especially those who likes to poss with money, they will save their picture and use it to advertise their business. I will advise people to stop sharing pictures of them holding money on social media, it is very bad, it can lead to different types of things which may affect them badly. May lord be with you and I, share this article with your lovely ones.

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