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How Covid-19 Pandemic Affected Nigeria Economy And Other Things

Last year the whole wide world experienced an unusual situation, and even as we talk now there are still some traces of the pandemic in some places.

The Coronavirus pandemic broke out in 2019 and ever since then the dreaded virus has put the whole world in a state of confusion, Nigeria announced its first case on the 27th of February 2020.

Covid-19 caused so much pain and many people died after contracting the virus. So to curb or put to check the rate of the increase of the Covid-19 lockdown has to be imposed all over the country.

Activities and things that are usually carried out on daily basis were restricted just to reduce the rate of people contracting this deadly virus then.

Many schools, churches, mosques, and every social gathering of any kind were shut down when the whole world entered into lockdown.

In the course of the outbreak, we have a total number of 164,488 confirmed cases, 154,441 People who contracted the virus got discharged and a total number of 2,061 people in Nigeria have died after contracting the pandemic.

Anyways, all glory and adorations need to be ascribed unto God as scientists eventually had a breakthrough in coming up with a vaccine.

Well, in this article we will talk more about how the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic affected the Nigerian economy.

The outbreak of the virus did affect many houses, especially during the lockdown when hunger was ravaging the land. People don't go to work because of the lockdown and automatically there is no food for those who rely on their daily work.

Anyways the palliatives that were meant to be distributed were kept for one reason best known to them at the high place. But when Nigerians discovered these warehouses justice was done.

However, here are how the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak affects different sectors In Nigeria even the country's economy didn't go scot-free.

First is the market price of goods and services, the price at which things are been sold before the virus broke out has increased rapidly after the virus seems to has found its way out.

Dollar rate increases.

We all know that markets in Nigeria depend on the rise and fall of the dollar to naira rate, before the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Nigeria in January 2020 Dollar rate to naira was #359.

And after the outbreak as of April 2021, the price of the dollar is now #380.

And this change alone has affected the price of many things in the market.

The country's allocation has to diverted

To tackle and battle the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic, the federal government needs to allocate some specific funds to the health sector to ensure the fight against Covid-19 didn't stop. 

Content created and supplied by: Izeegist (via Opera News )

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